Samantha Wright

N.O.V.A stand for: Nurturing, opportunities, values, and accountability. It’s a program that teaches life skills to sixth graders. Lt. Wright has kindly came in every Friday to teach us about drugs, S.T.S which stand so study the situation, and more. N.O.V.A helps us because we can use these life skills in the real world to help us prepare for everything that life throws out at us. One of the examples he taught us in was in the boiled frog analogy. If a frog got put into a pot of hot water and started to boil the frog would try and get out, but it can’t, it’s too late. This relates to to drugs, if we start using them we won’t be able to get out. At the graduation they brought in dogs that help police officers. There was a dog who would bite bad guys and hold him there until the police arrived. N.O.V.A was amazing and will help us in the long run.