Mrs. Walker Our Example of BRAVE

Mrs. Stirland

Mrs. Walker served the faculty and students of Park View Elementary for 25 years.  During those years she had many responsibilities.  She started as a kindergarten overload technician, she was a reading intervention technician and most notably, she was the school's computer planning time technician.  Payson Junior High School always loved recieving students from Park View because of the wonderful keyboarding skills they learned from Mrs. Walker.  Mrs. Walker went to great lengths to learn the names of each student in the school.  Her naturally kind interpersonal skills with students and faculty made her one of the most beloved people in the school.  Her influence will be remembered and cherished always.

"Bee Brave" was the theme for our school this year.  Each faculty member shared something that they did in their lives that was BRAVE.  Mrs. Walker recognized her bravery in facing chemotherapy.  She battled cancer the past three years.  The love she had for the children ran deep. Even in her pain she showed up to school with a smile on her face each day; she said the school was her happy place.  Mrs. Walker was recognized by the faculty and staff as the Classified Employee of the year.  She was an extraordinary example of BRAVERY! 


More information regarding Mrs. Walkers services can be found on the following link.