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Lunch Lady Super Heroes

Submitted by shanna.stirland on Tue, 04/14/2020 - 18:09
Mrs. Walker

"Who are these masked women?" you might asked. None other than our wonderful lunch ladies that work tiredlessly to provide hundreds of Grab-and-Go Breakfast/Lunch sacks daily for the many hungry children in our community.  Hats off to them for their sacrifice and dedication to feed our children during this challenging time.  One Park View Parent emailed this kind comment, "I just wanted to tell you how much we appreciate your staff and all they have done for free lunches! We love getting out of the house for a minute, and it the highlight of our mornings being able to go grab them. Your staff is always so happy and excited to see everyone. You guys all rock for all you've done!"  Lunch Ladies are truly our Nebo Super Heroes!