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Clark Planetarium Scientists Visit Park View

Submitted by joann.kirk on Thu, 12/15/2011 - 15:58
Nicole Busche
Jessie Warner and Thomas Quayle share their excitement for science.
Josh Walton and Cooper Brundage play tug of war with pressure.
McKay Young demonstrates air pressure.
Jessie Warner searching for answers.
Olivia Adams's hair stands on end while touching an electrified Van de Graaff generator.
Sarah Baker pumps air into a soda bottle to test our hypothesis . Will the bottle fly into the air? How many pumps will it take to get the bottle to fly?
Hailey Anderson helps demonstrate a chemical reaction with heat and hydrogen.

Jessie Warner and Thomas Quayle, scientists from the Clark Planetarium, paid a visit to Park View Elementary on November 13, 2011 to show the students how much fun science can be. They reminded the students, "Science is a process by which we learn. We must ask questions and search for answers using all our senses to discover new things." They performed several science experiments that dazzled everyone. Students witnessed a Van de Graaff generator causing a student’s hair to stand on end, proving the presence of electricity; they observed a leaf blower exerting enough pressure to keep a giant beach ball floating in the air, helping students understand the relationship between weather patterns and how airplanes are able to fly. The students were awestruck by an explosion created by a chemical reaction with heat and hydrogen. Haygen Zobell commented, "I love science."  Ashton Frost added, "It is fun to experiment using science.  Wow! Science can be fun.