3rd Grade Carnival


Bowling, ring toss, Pie Face, magic tricks, nerf guns, and musical numbers. These were just a few games featured in Park View’s very own magical third grade carnival. The third grade classes worked for months to earn carnival tickets from different techs and teachers around the school. Earning tickets was no easy task, students had to be on their best behavior, follow all the directions, be responsible, and be especially kind to others. If they were caught in one of these acts then they were rewarded with one, two, maybe ever three tickets. The third graders were then challenged to come up with any sort of game to bring to the carnival, they needed a sign to advertise their booth and of course a posted ticket amount. Once the carnival was set and ready to go students were able to use their tickets to play different games, earn prizes and have a really great time! When I asked one student what they thought of the carnival his reply was, “This is the best day of my life!” I think his statement reflects the opinions of many third graders. Good job third grade for being on your best behavior and making the Park View Carnival one of the best days ever.