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November 2019

Becoming Artists

Submitted by samantha.jasperson on Thu, 11/21/2019 - 17:21

Teachers and students alike have been learning new ways to show off their creativity. Many classes have been experimenting with different art mediums and connecting visual arts with the curriculum. Mrs. Palmer, the district art specialist has come into the classes to help teach these cool art projects. 

Third grade got to learn all about folktales, Mt. Timpanogos folktale to be exact. They use paint and brayers to show their view of Mt. Timpanogos. 

Fourth grade learned about the artist Georgia O’Keeffe and tried to mimic her work using oil pastels. They created the many wildflowers of Utah.

Fifth Grade did some really fun artwork by drawing patriotic images over copies of the Declaration of Independence.

The classes really enjoyed these art projects, not to mention they make our hallways look pretty! Thanks Mrs. Palmer for all your help. 

Celebrity Sightings at Park View

Submitted by samantha.jasperson on Thu, 11/21/2019 - 17:05

Did you see all the celebrities at Park View yesterday? We had everyone from Marilyn Monroe, Shirley Temple, Stan Lee, and even Robert E. Lee! 

Fifth grade students have been working hard for weeks in preparation for their big night at the wax museum. Students created a poster filled with research, they had artifacts that represented their famous person, and they memorized speeches. Last night was certainly a night to remember at Park View. Make sure to click through pictures to see these celebrities in action!


Up, Up, Up and Away!

Submitted by samantha.jasperson on Wed, 11/20/2019 - 18:31

Up, up, up and away! Our sixth grade students had an awesome science project that ended up with balloons in the sky. Students learned about what it takes in order for hot air balloons to fly; Perfect weather conditions, hot air and obviously a balloon. The balloons were the fun part! In groups, students constructed a hot air balloon out of tissue paper, glue and tape. Some of the balloons flew better than others but regardless it was quite a show for the entire school. We want to give a huge shout out to Duane Merrell for his help with the hot air balloon launchers. He is one of the stellar professors from BYU who teaches S.T.E.M to teachers in our district. 

Thanks sixth graders and their teachers for a fun show yesterday!


Valley Visioning Wants to Hear Your Voice

Submitted by samantha.jasperson on Mon, 11/04/2019 - 19:39

A unique opportunity is awaiting you! We want you to weigh in on the future of our community, while also earning funds for our school. This fall, Envision Utah is helping Utah Valley residents and stakeholders create a vision for the future as we add nearly 1 million people to our population over the next 50 years. This effort – called Valley Visioning – has culminated into the Valley Visioning survey, linked below.

The survey gives Utah Valley residents the chance to weigh in on growth-related issues important to our future. It will serve as the foundation for a vision with specific strategies which will help ensure Utah Valley remains a great place to call home, now and in the future.

The survey is also a good chance for us to get support for our school. Please take the survey and type in our school’s name at the end. For every survey completed by a parent, teacher, or student (13 years or older), Ancestry and Adobe (in partnership with Envision Utah) have agreed to donate $1.50 to our school.

We cannot stress how invaluable of an opportunity this is for us all to share our voices to define our future. Please take the survey and share it with your friends, family, and everyone you know! Additional information is available at

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