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June 2013


Submitted by joann.kirk on Sat, 06/01/2013 - 10:41
Heidi Ward, Kristie Reynolds
Heidi Ward poses with community donated Teacher Appreciation Gifts
PTA Board collects, wraps and distributes special gifts all week.
A delicious luncheon was provided...
and appreciative teachers enjoy.
Mrs. Reynolds opens her surprise.
Mr. James accepts his gift.

PAYSON, Utah-May 6, 2013-Park View Elementary Parent Teacher Association with the help of local businesses kicked-off a historical teacher appreciation celebration. Due to a limited budget, past teacher appreciation events have only consisted of small teacher gifts, decorated classroom doors and a PTA hosted luncheon. However, this year with over $5,000 worth of donations from local businesses, the Park View PTA was able to make gift baskets stuffed with goodies for all school staff members, and additional daily gifts for each teacher throughout the entire week.

“This year we introduced several programs to the school in an effort to gain support for the PTA”, said Heidi Ward, Park View’s acting PTA President. “Through all of these programs, the teachers and other school staff members have shown us tremendous support so we wanted to show them our appreciation by hosting an appreciation event that they would never forget. I decided it was worth a shot to see if we could get our little community in on the action.” 

Ward’s first surprise happened when she walked into a small salon on Historic Main St.  The owner of the salon wasn’t there that day so she told them she would come back later.  As she turned to walk out the door, a gentleman getting his haircut asked if she would accept a check.  “I stopped in my tracks”, said Ward. “I couldn’t believe someone would simply jump at the chance to offer money to an individual he had never met before in order to help bless the lives of teachers he didn’t even know”. This gentleman informed her that he ran a business out of his home and asked if she could pick up a check the next day.  Ward admitted, “Being a former big city girl I was a little skeptical that I would ever hear from him and was even a little nervous about it, but my fears were unfounded”. The very next day this gentleman contacted her and arranged for her to pick up a check for $100.

Another incredible experience occurred with a new convenience store owner in town, who contacted Ward upon receiving her donation request letter. She stated that she had exhausted her store budget at that time but that she was in the PTA when her children were young and knew what a good cause it.  When Ward went to pick up the donation the store owner gave her $50. 

After these first two donations, others came rolling in. “Business owners and store managers were excited to donate and made comments such as, ‘Anything for our teachers’ and ‘We are so happy to give back!’”, stated Ward. “I was absolutely amazed by the generosity exhibited by our small town community. This event has shown me how strong our sense of community is here. This has been a definite win, win for all involved!

Kristie Reynolds, Park View's Principal gratefully responded, "

"I have had the privilege of being the principal of Park View Elementary for the last 6 years. I know that my faculty and staff are 100% devoted to students' success, not just academically, but emotionally as well. They go above and beyond by attending ball games, dance recitals, church functions, and even writing the little note of encouragement that makes a child's day. The overwhelming response of appreciation from the Payson community in donating over $5,000 in cash and products for Teacher Appreciation Week, is a testimony to our staff's greatness. We are so grateful to have a PTA that is also committed to honoring our wonderful staff. Again, I am privileged to work at this remarkable school."



A Sincere Thank You to our PTA

Submitted by joann.kirk on Sat, 06/01/2013 - 10:32
Heidi Ward

My dearest PTA members,

Thank you so much for a fantastic year! As a board we want to express our appreciation for all the volunteer hours and donations of your food, your time, and your talents.  We have had a very successful year and we simply could not do it without your support.  We have made some major accomplishments this year so we would like to thank, again, those that made this year so wonderful!

Beverly Serynek and Vanessa Schmidt did a fantastic job with our Storytelling Festival.  They spent countless hours collecting donations for our baskets and organizing the event.  Because of their amazing efforts we were able to raise the money that became our operating budget for the year.  These two ladies pulled double duty this year and made the food portions of our SEPs and teacher appreciation gourmet events.  The teachers were wowed and loved it. Thank you.

Thank you to all our storytelling festival people who volunteered by assembling baskets, running the food booth, picking up supplies, and all other tasks associated with making the event a resounding success.

 We are grateful for our amazing Emy Porter, who was the Scholastic book fair chairperson and ran three very successful events. Her flexibility with the veggie project rewards book fair was much appreciated and contributed to helping all our kids redeem their tokens for books and the many, many erasers that the children earned. We would also like to thank all the parent volunteers that staffed each book fair.

 Thank you to Michelle Charles for running our Spaghetti dinner giveaway with our red ribbon week celebration.  So many families benefitted from this program by having many meaningful and fun conversations at dinner. Thanks for making that a great experience.

A very special thank you goes out to Amanda Edwards who was our room mom chairperson.  She was essential to making sure our room moms had the direction our room moms needed to assist our teachers in making learning fun for our kids.

 We are so appreciative of our fabulous room moms who spent time in the classrooms, at home, and on the phone organizing our holiday parties and other events. You did such an amazing job making our teachers feel supported and valued.  Thank you.

 A big thanks goes out to Heidi Maloy who helped with the presentation of the gift portion of teacher appreciation. Her vision made this a spectacular display. You had no idea what you signed up for, huh?!

 Thank you to Heidi Maloy and Shannon Flippen for help with the "PTA is Sweet" theme idea and prints.  Your genius helped us win the outstanding Membership campaign award.

 Thank you to all our Veggie Project volunteers.  Your assistance in collecting data was essential to the success we enjoyed from the project.  Because of your time and efforts, the children earned over $1,000 in free books from BYU and hundreds of scholastic dollars in books from the PTA.  Each time we collected data the PTA earned $25 for a grand total of $700.

 We want to Thank Kepi Heimuli for running our All Pro Dads program this entire year.  The dads enjoyed spending time with their kids and were able to benefit from guest speakers like firemen, policemen, EMTs, dentists, dads, and even our mayor.  We know the kids and their dads loved these breakfasts and looked forward to them all month long.

 Thank you to Chantelle Elmer who donated over a dozen board games to our board game drive.  Her games have given our children something to do for the many indoor recess days to come for years. 

 A very warm thank you to my husband, Keeth Ward, who's daily encouragement and support made me feel like this year was possible and worth every second.

 There are so many to thank and though you might not be mentioned by name we are aware of your efforts and give you many thanks.

 Have a fantastic summer and we look forward to working with you again next year!


Heidi Ward

PTA President 2012-2013


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