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January 2013

Park View's New Student Council

Submitted by joann.kirk on Sat, 01/26/2013 - 11:12
Mrs. Reynolds
Student Council

Mrs. Reynolds, Principal at Park View Elementary, interviewed many fifth and sixth grade students to find the best candidates for Student Council.  The council will serve the school in many ways including cross walk duty, morning announcements, organizing activities, recycling, and assisting Mrs. Reynolds in various other responsibilities.  Those serving on the Executive Council are Zach Adams, Makell Loveless, Natalie Edwards, and Mindy Riding.  The student officers are Ashland Lowder, Emma Hinton, Samantha Menlove, Griffin Spencer, Lora Burton, Ambria Watkins, Spencer Nelson, Kaitlyn Johnson, Athena Nackos, Lylah Beaudry, Brigg Davis, Kyler Haveron, Brandsen Gustafson, Katy Hinton, Hannah Eddington, Leah Moser, Sydney Jensen, and Joslyn Openshaw. These students exhibit excellent character and will serve Park View with integrity. 

Time for a New Student Council

Submitted by joann.kirk on Thu, 01/10/2013 - 15:52
Lindsey Welton, Kenzington Baxter

It’ time for a new student council at Park View! So if you are in fifth or sixth grade and haven’t had a chance to be on the student council, you’re in luck.  There’s a Bee Team and a Green Team.  The Bee Team gets to do stuff like the morning announcements and other fun stuff!  The Green Team gets to do stuff like recycling and other cool stuff! You have to write an essay on why you should be on student council, and you need to add details about a time you served someone!  Then you get an interview from Mrs. Reynolds.  Your essays need to be turned in by Tuesday, January 15!!!  We’re all excited to see who gets in student council!!! 


January Students of the Month

Submitted by joann.kirk on Wed, 01/09/2013 - 07:35
Jessie Olsen, Spencer Nelson, Rachel Webber
2013 Jan Students of the Month.JPG
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2013 Jan Students of the Month 3.JPG
2013 Jan Students of the Month 4.JPG

On Tuesday, January 8, 2013, Park View held a student of the month assembly.  The students learned about being themselves no matter what everyone else thinks.  They watched a You-Tube video of Sean Astin reading a book called "A Bad Case of Stripes."  The book was about a girl named Camilla who loved to eat lima beans.  She stopped eating them because her friends made fun of her.  She cared what her friends thought and decided to never eat lima beans again.  This resulted in turning into whatever her friends talked about.  Her situation turned desperate until she learned it was okay to just be herself.  To be respectful, responsible and ready to learn means we will all be our best selves.  

Congratulations to these students who are their best selves:

Kindergarten: Lauren Bakker, Jordan Short, Kyah Bahr, Gage Wharton, Becca Hine, Luis Ruelas, Stefan Allred, Bryson Cunningham, Kell Barney, Jelaiah Williams First: Josafat Camba, Spencer Baird, Charlotte Syme, Braxton Bills, Joseph Ragozzine, Rhett Christensen, Dallin Caldwell, Hinckley Blanco, Makayla Haws, Addison Alexandra, Zakk Elmer, McKenzie Ainscough Second: Bracen Theobald, Teagan Mabey, Trevyn Huff, Ricky Ledesma, Evelyn Cervantes, Calvin Larsen, Kaleb Emmons, Lia Wengert, Amanda Johnson, Keira Anderson, Allie Young, Zack Peterson Third: Maya Sorenson, Ryan Mahffey, Alayna Burton, Ammon Cox, Ariana Newton, Seth Carter, Brandt Peterson, Cindy Camba, Tanner Hutchings Fourth: Jordan Phillips, Wylie Wilson, Harley Walker, Macy Alexander, Kaylee Oryall, Tessa Peterson, Breanna Wright Fifth: Brandson Gustofson, Hannah Eddington, Leah Moser, Evan Nielson, Lance Edwards, Brandon Wheeler, Dayton Pederson, Chase Johansen, Kenzington Baxter, Abigail Orozco, CJ Ward Sixth: Dylan Loader, Adrian Figueroa, Nathan Coombs, Lora Burton, Mindy Riding, Logan Green, Ashland Lowder, Wendy Camba, Eric Reyes

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