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November 2012

5th Grade Wax Museum

Submitted by joann.kirk on Thu, 11/29/2012 - 16:14
Kenzingtin Baxter, Ashton Frost, Camren Rowlette
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On November 29th the 5th grade students at Park View presented a wax museum that was very entertaining.  Each student prepared a report on a certain person and made a poster about their person.  They even came to school dressed up like their character.   Everyone walked around and pushed a “begin button” and the students gave their speech. The halls were crazy with adults and kids listening to stories of famous people who lived in past centuries.  Those who attended met actors, actresses, authors, engineers, presidents, historians and athletes, generals, engineers, presidents and famous chefs.  Ashton Frost said his favorite character was Amelia Earhart because he likes planes and he has studied about her life.  She wanted to fly all around the world.  “Her plane crashed and she was never seen again.”  Camren Rowlette said his favorite character was Abraham Lincoln.  He was a U.S. president who stopped slavery.   That same evening, parents came to school to see their children perform patriotic songs and teach them about their special heros. 


Park View's Trojan Horse

Submitted by joann.kirk on Thu, 11/29/2012 - 16:09
Ambria Watkins and Kayla Quinn
The making of a Trojan Horse
Everyone pitches in.
Warriors are make to surround the horse
Mrs. Hardy shows of her student's work
The finished product

During class, the 6th grade students in Mrs. Hardy’s class made a Trojan War Horse with tiny warriors for our bill board . The Spartans were at war with the Trojans.  The Spartans couldn’t get over the stone wall, so they built a giant, wooden horse, and burned their own tents to make it look like they were giving up.  The leader and 5 other warriors hid themselves in the Trojan Horse.  The other warriors got into their ships and went around the island to make it look like they were retreating.  The Trojans noticed the horse and brought it inside the gates because they thought it would bring them good luck.  At night the Spartans inside the horse, got out, opened the gate and gave a signal.  The ships came back and all the soldiers went inside the gate.  They killed all the men and kept the women and children as slaves.  “It was way better than doing work,” said Ruby Baird.  The class made the Trojan War horse because they were learning about Greece.    It’s 5ft tall and 5ft wide and is black and brown and made of paper.  It will be displayed in the 6th grade hallway.  Come and see it sometime. 



Park View's New PE Teacher, Jayme Walker

Submitted by joann.kirk on Fri, 11/16/2012 - 16:10
Rachel Webber
Jayme Walker posing as a PE teacher.

 Park View is lucky to have a wonderful, new PE teacher this year, Jayme Walker.  Here are some things about the PE teacher that will blow your mind. She has 7 people in her family. She is the oldest.  She trains horses.  She loves ice cream but hates pizza.  She ate a real frog once.  (What do you think of that?)  She likes to draw and paint.   Her favorite lesson to teach is to teach little kids to be nice to each other and encourage each other.  She must good at this because her classes all act like a good team.


Reflections Assembly

Submitted by joann.kirk on Fri, 11/16/2012 - 16:00
Ashley Hamblin, Emma Hinton
Reflections Participants
Reflections Participants
Reflections Participants
Reflections Participants
Reflections Participants

On Friday, November 2, Park View held their Reflections Assembly.  Everybody did a great job on what they did.  The Theme for this years reflections was "Magic.  "There was an assembly for everyone who completed an entry in the reflections contest.  At the end of the assembly, there was a magic show.  It was so awesome and everyone loved it.  The magician made coins appear and made red fabric disappear.  He even taught us two of the magic tricks he showed us.  It was so amazing.  He tricked us when he did his tricks. We all had a blast and were laughing hard.


Park View's Journalism Club Begins

Submitted by joann.kirk on Fri, 11/16/2012 - 15:56
Abby Maloy, Lindsey Welton, Kenzingtin Baxter
Journalism Club Members: Lylah Beaudry, Abby maloy, Lindsey Welton, Rachel Webber, Ambria Watkins, Emma Hinton, Spencer Nelson, Ashlee Hamblin and Kari Evans

We are so exited for our new after school journalism club.  Quote form Lindsey Welton  “this is going to be so EPIC!!!”.  Quote from all reporters “This place is so cool; it inspires us with stories!”.  Quote from  reporter Kenzingtin Baxter,  “it is amazing coming here!  It is so awesome seeing all these people working together to accomplish great things!” Our journalism club is great; we live to make stories and get to know each other better. We love to have fun and laugh. We like taking teachers quotes and putting them on the web. We are so glad that the teachers in our school get to help people love newspaper articles.  It’s so fun going around and interviewing people. Quote from Lindsey, “It’s especially fun for the girls.” 


All About Mrs. Tuttle!

Submitted by joann.kirk on Fri, 11/16/2012 - 15:40
Lylah Beaudry
Park View Keyboarding teacher.JPG

Mrs. Tuttle is our excellent Keyboarding teacher at Park View.   In her class, fourth and fifth graders learn how to be efficient keyboarders.

Mrs. Tuttle says,” I really enjoy teaching because the kids try their hardest at keyboarding.” Her favorite thing to do is play with her grand kids! She likes to go on trips with her family! The best thing that ever happened to her is she met and married her husband 40 years ago! And that is all about Mrs.Tuttle!



November Students of the Month Celebration

Submitted by joann.kirk on Sat, 11/10/2012 - 08:37
6th grade students sing and play the ukelele to teach qualities of respect.
Nov Students of the Month
Nov Students of the Month
Nov Students of the Month
Nov Students of the Month

Park View held their monthly Character Education Assembly on November 9th and awarded students who exemplified qualities of respect.  To begin the assembly, the sixth-graders played ukuleles and sang a song directed and written by Mrs. Rapier.  The words reminded the students what respect looks like and feels like.

 Then the students watched a video about respect.  They learned the qualities of showing respect:

R stands for Responsible, 

            E means Excellence,

                        S is for Superstar,

                                    P means Positive,

                                                E represents Enthusiasm,

                                                            C is for Caring and

                                                                        T stands for Trustworthy. 

“Thank you, Thank you very much:)”


The students of the month were then presented:

Kindergarten:  Zandon Thesbald, Alex Mobbs, Jackson Dietz, Cameron Rigby, Kendall Peterson, Jaxton Haveron, Kendall Edwards, Gavin Peterson, Justin Campbell, Averie Bartholomew, Andre Mitchell

1st grade:  Reese Yama, McKinley Judd, Maggy Alexander, Ashley Lilly White, Cley Hancock, Fausto Sandoval, Caleb Young, Ryland Baker, Jesus Lopez, Ashley Johnson, Nick Dansie, Jewlyien Boyd, Breanna White, Jafee Davis, Ellie Hine

2nd grade:  Alexis Mellen, Parker Vizcarra, Blake Burraston, Gracie Spencer, Quin Christiensen, Carlos Escobar, Charlie Johnson, Jolee Nelson

3rd grade:  Landon Serynec, Stephanie Cerrantes, Millie Taylor, Dillan Hayward, Sammy Godinez, Taylor Thomas, Claire Maloy

4th Sarah Baker, Katie Cunningham, Rexdon Nelson, Garett Williams, Kourtney Mellen, Trever Campbell, Wayde Fratto, Jordon Phillips, Emely Reyes, Jackie Fitz

5th grade:  Kade Bingham, Noah Ferrin, Bradley Peterson, Shayden Hardy, Arilie Taylor, Abby Hine, Lindsey Welton, Cozette Caron, Halle Meek

6th grade:  Katelyn Johnson, Parker Youd, Brisa Rodriguez, Bergin Oram, Daniel Chapman, Amanda Hughes, Devin Barney, Zach Adams, Samantha Menlove.

Congratulations to all these students for their hard work and school spirit.  Park View Bees are Really Great!

Introducing Mrs. Shannon Flippin, Park View's Art Teacher

Submitted by joann.kirk on Sat, 11/03/2012 - 08:57
Abby Maloy, Lindsey Welton
2012 Art Teacher Shannon Flippin.JPG

Mrs. Shannon Flippin is the new art teacher at Park View Elementary. She loves the color pink.

Her favorite holiday is Halloween and she loves to draw Halloween stuff.  In her spare time she likes to draw and do different designs on the internet.  Her favorite thing about this school is the kids.  What makes her want to come to school is the pay checks.  Her favorite artist is James Christensen.  She likes him because he does the most amazing talented art in the world.  Most people like his art work, too.

Most students like her because she has cool ideas.  Abby Maloy said, “My favorite art project so far this year is Scratch Art Halloween Haunted Houses.  Lindsey liked making the Squibbles.  To make a squibble, you take a random scribble design and then make a real picture out of it.

We are lucky to have Mrs. Flippin work in our school. 






6th Grade Read-a-thon

Submitted by joann.kirk on Fri, 11/02/2012 - 16:19
Spencer Nelson, Emma Hinton, Ashley Hamblin
6th grade practiced their reading stamina as they read all day. Spencer and Calvin show how it's done.
Competition among the classes helped produce results. Tyler and Sam show off their reading style.
Cassidy and Lora know the rules: First rule - make yourself comfortable. Last rule - read, read, read!

On Friday October 26, the sixth grade classes had a read-a-thon.  The read-a-thon was a competition between the three sixth grade classes to see who could read the most pages.

Mrs. Groneman, one of the sixth grade teachers, said the reason for the read-a-thon was that the sixth-graders deserved to have a fun time for all their hard work and because it was the end of a successful first term.

Mrs. Hardy, another sixth grade teacher, said, “It gave them a chance to read books all day.” The sixth-graders thought it was really fun, especially Devin Barney from Ms. Van Nosdol’s class.  “We get candy and get to read” exclaimed Logan Green. 

Mrs. Groneman’s class won the competition with 3,490 pages, second place was Ms. Van Nosdol’s class with 3,337 pages and third place was Mrs. Hardy’s class with 3,039 pages.

That’s a lot of pages!



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