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October 2012

Park View Bees Stay Drug Free

Submitted by joann.kirk on Fri, 10/26/2012 - 15:39
Lylah Beaudry, Kari Evans
Mrs. Brady, Ms. Downs and Ms. McAllister - our Super Heroes!
Mrs. Bird's class shows school spirit by wearing our school colors.
6th graders showing school spirit
"We promise to never touch drugs."
"Drugs aren't for us!"
Our Kindergarten Super Heroes
More Kindergarten Super Heroes
Justin Sauceda proves being drug free is best
Park View Bees dare to be great!

Under the direction of Amber Gull, Park View held a memorable Red Ribbon Week to remind all students to stay drug free.  There were many exciting activiites throughout the week to remind students to stay away from drugs, alcohol and violence.  

On Friday, Justin Sauceda came to our school to dance the "dob step!"  Well, I’ll hand it to ya, it was wonderful!

Justin told the students, "To dance, you need strong muscles and lungs, so don’t take drugs.  I wouldn’t be able to dance if I took drugs!”

Guadalupe Gonzalez told this story, “My friend took drugs and ended up in jail, so that is why you shouldn’t do drugs.”

A fourth grader said, “I hate drugs, so you should too!”  Mrs. Reynolds warned, “Be drug free or you will end up in jail.”

Justin learned how to dance from watching and learning from his own family. How awesome!

Just Say No!


Second Grade Field Trip

Submitted by jessie.olsen on Mon, 10/08/2012 - 12:43
Brenda Palacios
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2nd grade field trip 001.jpg
2nd grade field trip 003.jpg
2nd grade field trip 007.jpg
2nd grade field trip 010.jpg
2nd grade field trip 014.jpg
2nd grade field trip 015.jpg
2nd grade field trip 020.jpg
2nd grade field trip 021.jpg
2nd grade field trip 022.jpg
2nd grade field trip 023.jpg
2nd grade field trip 024.jpg
2nd grade field trip 026.jpg

On Friday, October 5th the second graders at Park View Elementary went on a fun field trip. They went to Discovery Park for lunch and then to an equestrian farm. The activities at the farm were provided by Utah State University Agriculture in the Classroom and included seeing baby piglets, learning how seeds grow, and milking cows.

Students loved the field trip, as can be seen by their comments below:

"I like the bus.  I like the hills that we go down.  The bus is fun.  I like to open the windows.  I like wind blowing through my hair." --Zoey Spencer

"I saw some flour in a container and I got to pour some wheat in the container.  What I thought was interesting was when the wheat was turned into four.  I will always remember that wheat turns into flour." --Kamryn Meek

"I saw some piglets sleeping in a cage.  They were so small and so pink.  I wish they would come out and play."  --Amanda Johnson

"I liked to look at the man shaving the sheep.  I never saw a man shaving a sheep.  I really liked the man shaving the sheep." --Wesley Nielson

"I got to milk the cows.  It was more complicated then I thought." --Hank Bradford

"The wool was soft and it was warm.  Wool is white and fuzzy.  Some wool has bugs in it.  The bugs were small. --Jake Wheeler

The second graders learned many things about animals and agriculture on their field trip and they had a great time!

Walk to School Day

Submitted by jessie.olsen on Fri, 10/05/2012 - 13:38
Kamryn Meek and Micah Peery walk to school.jpg
Catrina Jones of the PTA passes out stickers for extra recess.jpg
Discovering a leaf bug on the way to school.jpg
We love walk to school day!.jpg
Walk to school day.jpg

Wednesday, October 3 was Walk to School Day at Park View Elementary. Students could choose between walking or riding their bikes and scooters. As they arrived, students were greeted at the door by the PTA who gave them a sticker that was good for an extra recess!

Walk to school day was a great opportunity to be more active. The weather was beautiful, and students loved having an extra recess as a reward.

October Students of the Month

Submitted by joann.kirk on Fri, 10/05/2012 - 07:22

Congratulations to these students for being nominated by their teachers for student of the month.  They demonstrated the attributions of being responsible, respectful and ready to learn.

Kindergarten:  Zoe Stevenson, Victoria Moser, Danilyn Barber, Carson Wengert Tripp Kay, Aidan Orozco, Andrew Briggs, Kaylee Mendez, Leah Sorenson, Skyler Johnson May Hinton, Jack Willard
First Grade:  Ethan Bennett, Gavin Baird, Mylee Haupt, Cohen Hansen, Claysen Turner, Irie McClellan, Makaylee Jones, Ethan Nelson, Lauren Wilson Hayden Bingham, Mataya Bowan
Second Grade:  Wendy Gull, Cadence Peterson, Mackenzie Brundage, Lizbeth Alvarado, Ora Short, Nathan Makin, Braylon Cox, Alex Rasmussen, Kamryn Meek, Justis Lake, Alex Orosco
Third Grade:  Haily Peay, Christian Ragozzine, Alle Shephard, Carter Swenson, Karli Jensen, Kira Bartholomew, Ethan Dixon
Fourth Grade:  Siera Ragozzine, Mason Johnson, Taylor Killpack, Alejandro Sandoval, Brayden Freeman, Sydney Hill, Izzy Yama, Jack Stewart, Halle Buckley, Kieser Frost, Gavin Williams
Fifth Grade:  Katy Hinton, Madison Carroll, Ammon Begay, Kiley Cannegieter, Lylah Beaudry, Emely Alas, Athena Nackos, Kenna Wright
Sixth grade:  Derek Fratto, TJ Moser, Ruby Baird, Jordin Gonzalez, Kadydawn Thompson, Cassady Radmall, Emma Hinton, Ford McClellan, Dominique Colipi

Storytelling Festival

Submitted by jessie.olsen on Tue, 10/02/2012 - 16:05
Kristie Reynolds, Jared Ragozzine (photos)
Class flags.jpg
Cotton candy, churros, and pizza, oh my!.jpg
Face painting.jpg
Hay ride.jpg
Torch making.jpg
Tug of War (students vs. teachers).jpg

On Saturday, Sept. 22 Park View Elementary held their annual Storytelling Festival. The event included face painting, food, bounce houses, relays, games and contests, prizes, and of course the baskets. Each basket was based on a book and consisted of items donated from each class. The baskets were then auctioned off as a fundraiser for the school. Many companies also donated items for the baskets, including Sweet Tooth Fairy, Anytime Fitness, Texas Roadhouse, and many more. The donations and ticket sales were able to raise about $3000 dollars for the school!

The PTA worked incredibly hard to pull of this amazing event. Kristie Reynolds, principal, said, "I want to give a special thanks to our PTA. Vanessa Schmidt and Beverly Serynek deserve special recognition for the months of planning and countless hours of dedication to our school. There were so many other parents that I could and should recognize. It takes a wonderful committee to pull off such a multi-faceted, wonderful event as our festival."

Students, teachers, and parents enjoyed a beautiful fall day at the festival. Thanks to all who helped out for making it a success!

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