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September 2012

Park View Announces the 2012-2013 Fall Student Council

Submitted by joann.kirk on Fri, 09/21/2012 - 07:10
Mrs. Reynolds
2012 - 2013 Fall Student Council

Fifth and Sixth graders of Park View were given the challenge to try out for the student council.  They wrote essays and participated in interviews to apply for the postition.   Students were chosen for their leadership and friendship qualities.  These students will be Mrs. Reynolds' extra hands throughout the next year.  

Back row:  Taylor Willden, Mindy Riding, Zach Adams, T J Moser

3rd row:  Natalie Edwards, Makell Loveless, Brennan Jensen, Conner Nielson, Trace Groneman

2nd row:  Chase Johansen, Riley Bradford, Grace Wilson, Abby Hine, Kinsey Makin

Front row:  Abigail Orozco, Ethan Gowans, Halle Meek, Wyatt Smith, Stuart Charles  (not shown - Abby Maloy)

Congratulations to all students who participated.  Park View has an excellent student body; we are proud to be Park View Bees.

Storytelling Festival Opening Ceremoy

Submitted by jessie.olsen on Thu, 09/20/2012 - 12:42
Kristie Reynolds
Miss Shumway passes the torch to Mr. Gowans.JPG
Mrs. Toelupe lights the torch!.JPG
Fifth graders place flags on the stage.JPG
Go for the gold!.JPG

Today Park View Elementary held their opening ceremony for the Storytelling Festival. The theme for the festival this year is "Go For the Gold," and the assembly consisted of teachers running to light the torch, students placing class flags on the stage, and a relay with gold medals for the winners.

Inspired by the London games, the Park View PTA Annual Storytelling Festival will be unlike any other we have had before! Bigger, better, and jam-packed with entertainment!

  • An obstacle course/slide combo
  • Snow cones, Churros, & Cotton Candy
  • Face Painting
  • Glitter Tattoos
  • Water Bottle Rockets
  • Hayride
  • Relays
  • Games Galore

Our Festival will also include fun non-traditional Olympic events, such as:

Badminton Relay, Butterfly 200meter, Student v. Teacher, Parallel Bars Relay, Sand Volleyball, and Basketball Relay.

Most impressive are the classroom baskets full of donations from companies across the valley including golf passes, movie tickets, BYU and UVU tickets and paraphernalia, holiday decor, cleaning and baking supplies and so much more.

"The PTA has a long-standing tradition of amazing Storytelling Festivals," said Mrs. Reynolds. "It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to pull off such a tremendous event. Our school is grateful for the parents that give of their time, money, and talents. We thank you!"

The Storytelling Festival will take place this Saturday, September 22nd from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. Tickets are on sale before and after school and will also be available to purchase the day of the event. This will be an event you don't want to miss!

First Graders Practice Sounds

Submitted by jessie.olsen on Mon, 09/17/2012 - 16:40
Callin Wilson and Ethan Nelson.JPG
Miss Olsen's first graders.JPG
Mrs. Davis.JPG

Last week Mrs. Davis, the speech teacher at Park View, came into Miss Olsen's first grade class and helped them practice pronouncing difficult sounds such as "r", "th" and "ch". They had fun trying to make their tongues do funny things as they worked on making the sounds correctly!

Room Mother Tea

Submitted by joann.kirk on Thu, 09/13/2012 - 18:06
Amanda Edwards
1 of 11
Park View's PTA President and Room Mother Coordinator
Sharing needs and ideas.
Kindergarten teachers always need an extra hand.
Willing volunteers are welcome.
Volunteers do it for their children.
We can make a difference together.
Working as a team.
It takes a village to raise a child.
Teachers appreciate the support.
Having a little fun.
Working together helps make a happy, successful child.

We held our annual Room Mom Tea on Thursday, September 6th.  This allows the room moms to meet with their teacher, plan out the year and see where they can best be utilized in the classroom.  Room moms are such a great asset to our teachers and we look forward to a great school year.  We are pleased to announce the room moms for the 2012-2013 school year:


Mrs. Thomas - AM ROOM MOM - Jamie Barrus; PM ROOM MOM- Jenn Mobbs 

Toelupe - AM ROOM MOM- Angela Larsen; PM ROOM MOMs- Vanessa Schmidt and  Emily Rigby 

1st Grade:

Olsen - ROOM MOM - Jean Wilson 

Lundell - ROOM MOM - Marion McClellan 

Barney - ROOM MOM - Kim Dixon 

Toutai - ROOM MOMs - Angela Manning and Mikelle Sevy

2nd Grade:

McAllister - ROOM MOM - Emy Porter 

Palacios - ROOM MOM - Giselle Lake 

Bird - ROOM MOM - Brandi Moore 

3rd Grade:

Busch - ROOM MOM - Beverly Serynek 

Mellen - ROOM MOM - Melissa Page 

Gull - ROOM MOM - Nicole Swensen 

 4th Grade:

Gowans - ROOM MOM - Ginger Wengert 

Hutchinson - ROOM MOM - Sabrina Wilson

Brady- ROOM MOM - Melinda Baker 

5th Grade:

Allred - ROOM MOM - Cheri Wilkinson 

James - ROOM MOM - Michelle Charles 

Shumway - ROOM MOM - Gretta Bradford

 6th Grade:

VanNosdol - ROOM MOM - Heather Davis 

Hardy - ROOM MOM - Chelsea Stewart 

Groneman - ROOM MOM - Desiree Young 

Thank you to all our wonderful room moms who have volunteered to help out in our classrooms this year.



Reading With Mrs. Reynolds

Submitted by jessie.olsen on Sat, 09/08/2012 - 15:21
Mrs. Reynolds and Miss Olsen's first grade class.JPG

Park View Elementary has a principal that truly cares about each student. At the start of every new year, Mrs. Reynolds comes to each class to read, do an activity, and learn every student's name. She takes time out of her busy schedule to let the kids get to know her, and commands respect from the students while still being caring and fun. It's no surprise that the students and teachers at Park View love Mrs. Reynolds!

Park View Boot Camp

Submitted by jessie.olsen on Mon, 09/03/2012 - 10:52
Joann Kirk, Kristie Reynolds
Playground rules- Holly Wright and Karen Broadhead, technicians.JPG
Hall rules- Evelyn Ellsworth, staff developer and Miss Olsen's first graders.JPG
Rules for before and after school- Shelley Heaton and Lynette Steele, Skill Building.JPG
Bathroom rules- Treana Kober, counselor and Miss Olsen's first graders.JPG
Office rules- Jill McClellan and Holly Kent, secretaries, Miss Olsen's first graders.JPG
Jill McClellan, secretary, Jewlyien Boyd, first grade.JPG
Classroom rules- Kristie Reynolds, principal, Jospeh Raggozine and Kaylee Mower, first grade.JPG
Cafeteria rules- Theresa Ore, Custodian.JPG
Boot camp team- Holly Kent, Kristie Reynolds, Joann Kirt, Treana Kober, Evelyn Ellsworth, Theresa Ore.JPG

Last week at Park View Elementary students participated in a Behavior Boot Camp. Classes went to different stations in the school including the playground, lunchroom, hallway, and bathrooms to learn about the expectations for behavior in each area. Park View's principal Kristie Reynolds had heard of schools doing a Boot Camp at the beginning of the year to go over rules. She designed a behavior matrix for how students at Park View should be "respectful, responsible, and ready to learn" in different highly frequented areas of the school, and she wanted those that represent each area to be the presenters. Those on recess duty taught playground rules, the office staff talked about attendance, getting sick, and making phone calls home, and the custodian and lunch secretary explained the rules in the cafeteria. Everyone was on board, from the lunch secretary to the counselor and psychologist, to the Skill Builders and office staff.

The boot camp helped the students understand expectations for behavior. Mrs. Reynolds said, "I wanted everyone to be clear about the expectations for behavior at Park View, from teachers to technicians to students. I believe if we are all using the same vocabulary and following the same rules, our unity will help students learn appropriate, respectful behavior. And if we can teach our expectations in a fun way, all the better. It will be memorable for them."

The presenters made each station fun with songs, stories, games, and demonstrations. One of the highlights was learning about how to wash our hands in the bathroom using glow-in-the-dark germs to demonstrate the need to use soap and scrub for 20 seconds. Students learned about the "2 rule" in the bathroom: take two minutes, use two squirts of soap and two paper towels, and score two points with your paper towel by throwing it in the trash when you're finished.

Students who are respectful, responsible, and ready to learn at Park View will be rewarded with tokens that can be redeemed in the new treasure tower. The boot camp contributed to greater unity throughout the school as everyone was on board to teach students how to be "respectful, responsible, and ready to learn."

2012 Story Telling Festival Announced at Park View

Submitted by joann.kirk on Sat, 09/01/2012 - 17:50
The theme for the Story Telling Festival - Go For the Gold!
Some of the many exciting activities that await you there:

Park View Elementary's Story Telling Festival will be held on September 22nd.  Bring your family and friends for games, food, fun, and prizes.  The students will be gathering items for the traditional Story Telling Baskets.  Be sure to take a look at these works of art and bid on your favorite ones.  Hope to see you there for this olympic event.

Kindergarten Begins August 28

Submitted by joann.kirk on Sat, 09/01/2012 - 17:37
Raise your hands if you love Kindergarten!
New Kindergarten students take time for a photo.
Busy helpers cleaning up after a long day.
"I have to admit that I'm a little tired."
"Is it time to go home already?"
Students show off their hard work.
"If I were a Gingerbread Man, I would run too."

It is not just the first day of school for these students; it is THE VERY FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!  Welcome to Kindergarten!

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