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April 2012

April Students of the Month Honored

Submitted by joann.kirk on Fri, 04/13/2012 - 09:51
April Students of the month
April Students of the month
April Students of the month
April Students of the month
April Students of the month

Park View’s Student of the Month assembly in April was packed full of entertainment and awards. The Kindergarten classes taught the student body about the value of citizenship. They sang “God Bless America” and showed a video presentation entitled, “Proud to be an American”.

March was reading month. The theme was “Reading is out of this World.” Each class kept a record of how many books or minutes they read. Throughout the month prizes were awarded for students participating in daily reading. Students enjoyed watching their class space shuttle travel through the galaxy as they came closer to their goal. Classes competed to reach their goal first. Congratulations to the top readers for the month: Gavin Baird, Haylee Manning, Sadie Barber, Mackenzie Brundage, Heidi Faust, Ethan Dixon, Caitlyn Johnson, Collin Johnson, Aubrey Wengert, Violet Andrew, Derek Manning, Stuart Charles, Ashland Lowder, TJ Moser, Brock Bulkley and Rachael Campbell.

Finally, Students of the month awards were presented. These students were honored for their excellent attitude and behavior:

Kindergarten: Arber Huff, Lea Brunger, Claysen Turner, Hunter Seat, William Dixon, Emree Hall, Hadlie Baxter, Brooklyn Dansie, Callin Wilson, Kaylee Mower, Aiden Jacobsen, Anthony Cifuentes, Zach Openshaw, Ryland Baker.

1st grade: Tyson Barker, Keira Anderson, Hank Bradford, Jonathan Gonzalez, Keely Robinson, Talin Kunz, Evelyn Corno, Zaylee Hiatt, Wesley Nielson, Ricky Ledesma, Jake Wheeler, Brooklyn Cox, Zachary Peterson.

2nd grade: Autumn Begay, Karen Plascencia, Kira Bartholomew, Ammon Cox, Austyn Davis, Sierra Webber, Caitlyn Nielsen, Brayden Shelley.

3rd grade: Kieser Frost, Wayde Fratto, Eli Sorensen, Brad Wharton, Alejandro Sandoval, Taylor Brotherson, Tyson Schwartz, Kiarah Bojorquez, Mason Green.

4th grade: Joslyn Openshaw, Brigg Davis, Danielle Wilkensen, Case Kunz, Madison Drake, Stuart Charles, Kade Bingham, Lance Edwards, Lexie Linde.

5th grade: Conner Nielson, Cassidy Radmall, Amanda Anderson, Tyler Thompson, Melenie Thompson, Logan Sorensen, McKay Young, Adrian Figueroa, Brisa Rodriguez, Tyson Stone.

56h grade: Racheal Campbell, Josh Walton, Hunter Johnson, Kobey Evans, Brock Bulkley, Corbin Boyack, Carlie Jaussi, Kiyan Loveless.

Celebrating Reading Month with Water Rockets

Submitted by joann.kirk on Wed, 04/04/2012 - 15:30
Mr. Gowans and Mrs. Reynolds
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Mr. Gowans with his rambunctious rocket renegades
The warning, "Now, you might get wet."
Get ready, get set....
Rocket's away!
and another one bites the dust.
another one's gone,
and another one's gone,
and another one bites the dust.
Waiting for just the right time to launch.
There she blows!
Watch the master launch his rocket.
Young Mr. Gowans displays his rocket.
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